Green Vantaa combats climate change and protects the local nature

Vantaa will be carbon neutral by 2030, increase the amount of wood construction and build compactly by the railway and close to public transport connections. At the same time, Vantaa will protect the local nature in the compact urban framework, increase the quantity of green urban areas, strengthen the diversity of nature and repair the damages in urban nature and green areas caused by construction.

Green Vantaa invests in education

Vantaa guarantees every child a right to high-quality early childhood education and aims to switch to free early childhood education, repairs schools and kindergartens with indoor air problems, ensures adequate support for learning from early childhood education to secondary education and makes sure that no one drops out of school.

Green Vantaa promotes well-being and fights inequality

Vantaa prevents problems instead of relying on corrective actions, reduces queues in health care services and ensures an adequate number of staff, and ensures a good quality of life for the elderly. To fight inequality, Vantaa ensures the accessibility of local services on foot, by bicycle or by public transport, promotes employment and provides opportunities for employees, eradicates homelessness and offers low-threshold mental health services.

Voting rights – who is entitled to vote

You may vote in municipal elections if you are a citizen of Finland, another European Union member state, Iceland or Norway and you meet the following conditions:

  • you have turned 18 by election day (13 June 2021)
  • you have a municipality of residence in Finland by 23 April 2021

If you are a citizen of some other country, you may vote in the municipal elections if:

  • you have turned 18 by election day (13 June 2021)
  • you have had a municipality of residence in Finland continuously for at least two
    years before 23 April 2021